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What is Hydroponics?

Find out all you need to know about soil less farming and how you can be part of it
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Health Benefits

Sick of all the harmful chemicals going into your food that affect your health? We have the solution!
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Why us?

We know your time is precious and your health is important, hence our products are the perfect fit for your healthy lifestyle
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Our Products
At Waves Enterprise, we keep creating innovative smart farming designs and smart farming techniques to give everyone the ability to grow fresh food. We use modern technologies and apply it to an ancient practice of traditional farming to benefit families, communities, bristo’s, commercial farmers etc. We are very motivated and excited by the current trends of eating healthy in this country and our goal is to be a part of the effort on providing and promoting sustainable and healthy living, to everyone, regardless of their geographical location or the size of their house or land plot.
What we offer

Ready to Use and Customized growing systems

We design & build all type of innovative hydroponic growing systems. From ready to use to customized units, we have all type of solutions for your growing need and space.


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Premium Consulting

We have a excellent team to manage your farms and optimize your yield. Sit back and relax while the professionals take care of your farm

What they say about us

Very happy with their professionalism. I have a small plot in RAK and Waves helped me convert it into a hydroponic farm. They manage my farm and connect me with local supermarkets where I can sell my produce. My sister has installed their indoor system in her restaurant which is an added attraction to the décor.

Corey Williams

I have an apartment in the Marina and live on the 24th floor without a balcony. Initially I was skeptical of installing a unit, however I placed the med range indoor unit inside my apartment as it was compact and didn’t take up much space. I am pretty impressed with my amount of vegetables I can grow inside my house. My friends were amazed to see how I always have fresh veggies and have installed the indoor system in their houses too. Good job Waves!!

Sarah Anderson

I moved to Dubai 5 months back and now that I have finally settled down, I wanted to set up a small garden in my back yard. I came across waves when I saw one of their units in a restaurant and gave them a call to see if they could help me out. They had a consultant come by and check out the space and I was happy with the way they gave me multiple options of installing a ready made unit vs customizing. Their prices were great when I compared to what it would cost me build a garden in my back yard. In short, I make a killer salad from the fresh veggies I grow in my garden. Thank you waves for help me set up my great garden and it really looks great.


About Us

Waves Enterprise is an agriculture based innovative technology company, headquartered in Dubai, UAE. We design & build all type of innovative hydroponic growing systems. We also supply hydroponic parts for hobbyists and for educational purposes. Our range of systems are of all size ranges and automations, giving everyone the ability to grow fresh food anywhere, year-round. Our systems are designed on the commitment of environmental, health and safety excellence

Registered Office Address

Boulevard Plaza Tower 1, Suite 1901, Level 19 – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates