Health Benefits

There is an increase in the world food demand, while the arable soil resource remains the same. In order to meet the raising demand, use of chemical in conventional growing methods is common which impacts the health of the consumers. Since vegetables grown in soil must expend most of their energy to develop a root system that can reach out in a constant search for oxygen, water and nutrients, hydroponic farming allows plants to focus on foliar, fruit and flower growth. Hydroponics helps growers to optimize the supply of air, water and nutrients to the root system, thus paving the way for crops to grow at rates not previously seen in conventional cultivation.


Reduces Threat of Pests, Disease

Known threats are posed by pests and infectious agents which are mostly soil-borne. Although growing vegetables hydroponically cannot completely eliminate these threats, it can dramatically cut them down as growing vegetables in water can sharply reduce exposure to such dangers

Controlled Nutrition Value

The Hydroponic growing method involves the precise control or adjusting of nutritional value of the vegetables.  This does not affect the growth or taste in anyway.  In fact, rarely can one tell the difference in taste between Hydrophinicaly grown veggies and soil-grow veggies

Environmental Friendly

Hydroponic vegetable gardens can be set up in places where the soil has been over-farmed, or where it is not suitable for traditional farming. This method of growing does not deplete the soil. It is an efficient system that fits anywhere. Hydroponics allows wasted roof space to be turned into a source of food production. There is no need to plan for crop rotation, pest control, or weed competition. Many crops can be grown year round using hydroponic systems. Many top chefs tout the flavor and advantages of hydroponically grown vegetables. Hence this is something to consider if you think that you do not have enough space for traditional soil-based gardening.

About Us

Waves Enterprise is an agriculture based innovative technology company, headquartered in Dubai, UAE. We design & build all type of innovative hydroponic growing systems. We also supply hydroponic parts for hobbyists and for educational purposes. Our range of systems are of all size ranges and automations, giving everyone the ability to grow fresh food anywhere, year-round. Our systems are designed on the commitment of environmental, health and safety excellence

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