Don’t have time? or don’t want to get your hands dirty? don’t worry, with our premium monthly service pages will remove all hassles of tending to your hydroponic systems. From maintaining the system to ensuring that you get the maximum produce, our well experienced team will take care of all your hydroponic garden needs.


About Us

Waves Enterprise is an agriculture based innovative technology company, headquartered in Dubai, UAE. We design & build all type of innovative hydroponic growing systems. We also supply hydroponic parts for hobbyists and for educational purposes. Our range of systems are of all size ranges and automations, giving everyone the ability to grow fresh food anywhere, year-round. Our systems are designed on the commitment of environmental, health and safety excellence

Registered Office Address

Boulevard Plaza Tower 1, Suite 1901, Level 19 – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates